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“The Typical Millennial”: Changing the Conversation About Generation Y

“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” –          George Orwell Every generation, when young, is ambitious at its best and narcissistic at its worst. When old, every generation is wise at its best, and condescending at its worst. … Continue reading

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Fallacies: A Sample of Ways Our Thinking Is Not Helpful

At a certain point, and to a certain degree, there is the promise of disenchantment in humanity for anyone reading a book on cognition and social psychology.  If you read between the lines you will notice a point where the author takes a break from describing many ailments our thinking suffers from, and the crutches … Continue reading

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The Art of Doing

Get plenty of sleep, drink water, take the time to move around, manage stress, and make meaningful things. Though a simple list, I believe it is a good suggestion of what to aim for to lead a better and healthier life this year. This is all well and good, but real life improvement comes from … Continue reading

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The Type of Feminism That We Still Need

I. Affirmative Action is a Symptom Affirmative action by definition is “action favouring those who tend to suffer from discrimination,” or as it is more succinctly referred to in the UK, it is “positive discrimination.”  On June 24th, the Supreme Court of the United States ruffled some feathers on the topic of affirmative action  as … Continue reading

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Data, Stories, and Strategies

If you think about it, many boring things become interesting when taken to an extreme. Archaeology is a tedious science 99% of the time – unless you excavate across two continents and find thousands of Clovis spear points. Then you can tell a story about people who migrated across the Bering Straight, thereby influencing thousands … Continue reading